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The noble golden chain related to the Messenger of Allah in raising the holy adhaan ((The support of Mr. Abdul Rahman Mowafaq Abu Hashar al-Husseini al-Rifai)

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the pride of the prophets Muhammad and his family and companions ... Mr. Abdulrahman Mowafaq Abu Hashar Al-Husseini Al-Rifai May Allah protect him from the virtue of the mark Faqih and educator Sheikh Sa'd al-Din. Muhammad al-Khalid al-Homsi from Sheikh Yahya bin Hamdi Hierani from Sheikh Abdullatif Al-Alami from Sheikh Muhammad Musalli al-Dari from Sheikhs Mawazna Umayyad Mosque Sheikh Abdullah Al-Awa on Sheikh Mohammed Al-Nahhas Sheikh Jneid from Sheikh Bakri Ibn Omar from Sheikh Mohammed Ibn al-Jajji Archaeological about Sheikh Kafiir Mohammed about Sheikh Mustafa Al-Atrash Al-Qudsi Sheikh Othman, the head of the miseries of Jerusalem for Sheikh Javadin about the Sheikh of civil Ibrahim Ahmed Tibi for Sheikh Makki Suleiman Fattorizi Zamzam for Sheikh Wasfi Mekki for Sheikh Khalid Sheikh Abdullah Al-Makki Ghaffari for Sheikh Murozi Saud Isaac Muezzin in Al-Azhar Shaykh Shaibani Mousa Muwaffaq al-Din al-Yamani about Sheikh Muhail al-Makki about Sheikh al-Tusi of Yemen Sheikh al-Makki Muhail al-Dari Radi of the Prophet Oqba bin Nafi for the great companion Bilal bin Rabah al-Habashi about the great companion Abdullah bin Zaid of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for our master Jibril a Peace of God in Bari Gel gaze




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